Carl Yerger
Here is a page with links to preliminary copies of papers submitted to various mathematical journals and conference proceedings.

1. A. Benjamin and C. Yerger, A combinatorial interpretation of the wheel graph, Bull. Inst. Combin. Appl. 48 (2006), 53--62. 47 (2006), 37--42. pdf
2. C. Yerger, Monochromatic and zero-sum sets of nondecreasing diameter, in preparation. 3. A. Benjamin, N. Cameron, J. Quinn, C. Yerger, Catalan determinants A combinatorial approach, to appear, Proceedings of the 12th International Fibonacci Conference, (2006). pdf
4. A. Shiu and C. Yerger, Rabbits Redux: The cube root of four and the Fibonacci sequence, to appear, Mathematical Spectrum (2006). pdf
5. N. Watson and C. Yerger, Cover pebbling numbers and bounds for certain families of graphs, Bull. Inst. Combin. Appl. 48 (2006), 53--62. pdf
6. J. Gardner, A. Teguia, A. Vuong, N. Watson and C. Yerger, Domination cover pebbling: Graph Families, J. Combin. Math. Combin. Comput. 64 (2008), 255--271. pdf
7. N. Watson and C. Yerger, Domination Cover Pebbling: Structural Results, to appear, JCMCC, (2005). pdf
8. A. Godbole, N. Watson and C. Yerger, Threshold and complexity results for the cover pebbling game, to appear, Discrete Mathematics, (2006). pdf
9. A. Godbole, N. Watson, and C. Yerger, Cover Pebbling Thresholds for the Complete Graph, Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 22 (2005)301--304 . pdf
10. D. Grynkiewicz and C. Yerger, On three sets with nondecreasing diameter, in preparation.
11. N. Chenette, K. Kawarabayashi, D. Kral, J. Kyncl, B. Lidicky, L. Postle, N. Streib, R. Thomas and C. Yerger. Six-critical graphs on the Klein bottle, Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 31 (2008), 235--240. pdf
12. N. Chenette, L. Postle, N. Streib, R. Thomas, C. Yerger, Five coloring graphs on the Klein Bottle, in preparation.
13. L. Postle, N. Streib, C. Yerger, Pebbling graphs of diameter three and four, in preparation.