Davidson Invitational Math Tournament

December 7, 2013, Hance Auditorium, Davidson College

Here are the rules for the Davidson Invitational Math Tournament

Team Rules: Each team will consist of six participants. If there are enough participants from a particular school to form a team (or a group of three), then those students must be on the same team. For students from the Charlotte Math Club, we will enforce the rule that if your school is participating, you must participate with your school if they are participating).

Individuals: Individuals are most welcome to register and participate in the competition. We will make every effort to match pre-registered individuals with a team.

Costs: Participation in the contest is free! However, you will only be guaranteed a spot if you pre-register by our deadline of November 27. Please contact Carl Yerger at dimt@carlyerger.com if you encounter any problems with registration or have any questions!

Format: ARML-Style without the Power Question. There will be an extended team round consisting of 15 questions to be solved in 30 minutes, ten individual questions offered in pairs, and three relay questions.

Please register below (the pre-registration deadline is November 27):